The editor allows you to create your own complicated rhythm. The simplest rhythm is a loop that repeats one bar a given number of times. As you complicate it, you can add bars and other loops. In the image below you can see the selected empty loop.

Selected loop

An unselected empty loop looks like this:

Unselected loop

To add a bar to the selected loop, click the "Bar" button.

Loop with bar

To add another loop to the selected one, click the "Loop" button.

Loop with bar and another loop

The maximum level of nesting loops is 8, where 0 is the level of the root loop:

Nested loops

Combine the bars and loops to achieve the desired rhythm.


New rhythm New Rhythm
This button begins a new rhythm.
Open rhythm Open Rhythm
This button loads the rhythm from the file.
Save rhythm Save Rhythm
This button saves the rhythm in the file.
Save rhythm as… Save Rhythm As…
This button saves the rhythm in the file and always prompts you to enter the file name.
Settings Settings
This button displays a dialog box with editor settings. They allow you to set the type of sound when playing a rhythm from editor.
Loop Loop
The "Loop" button adds a new loop to the selected one.
Bar Bar
The "Bar" button adds a new bar to the selected loop.
Delete Delete
This button deletes the selected bar or loop.
Move up Move Up
This button moves the selected bar or loop up within the parent loop.
Move down Move Down
This button moves the selected bar or loop down within the parent loop.
Play Play
This button starts playing the current rhythm. The first will sound the selected bar or the first bar of the selected loop. If nothing is selected, the rhythm will sound from the beginning. During playback, the button turns into a "Stop" button.
Stop Stop
This button stops playing the current rhythm and turns back to the "Play" button.
Tap tempo Tap Tempo
This button brings up a dialog box that can measure the frequency of your touches and set it as a tempo.